February 10, 2014


OK…. So, I was thinking it's time for a little shameless self promotion, but what I am really doing, is asking for a little support :)

When I started blogging, there were awards handed out, there were followers-in-the-making and everyone were very supportive, which was great :) I have not seen a lot of you "following" lately, and that's ok, I know we all get busy! I do see in my stats that things are good and the Northern Light Blog has many, many page views, and for that I say Thank You!!

Now, here's my plug… I need just six more people to follow along via Pinterest - the link is here - to reach 2000 followers. Wont you do me the honors…? :) I promise I will not let you down, there is always inspiration to find, often on a daily basis - even when I don't have a moment to blog…

Also, I wanted to mention that Northern Light Design is on Instagram, just incase you wanted to follow along there as well!?

Thank you in advance,

Image via Pinterest


  1. Ibland får man lov att göra lite egenreklam. Kram Anita

  2. Natasha, eu não tenho pinterest, nem sei como usa-lo, mas tenho certeza que rapidamente você vai alcançar o número de seguidores que precisa.
    Beijo querida,
    Denise - dojeitode.blogspot.com


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