April 27, 2014

Garden sculptures...

Ok, so I know this is a controversial subject for some… Immediately I think windmills and garden gnomes, and I'm totally turned off! NO, thank you, not happening!! … then I came across these images on Pinterest, and all of a sudden I am thinking "cool".
I guess once the plants have grown full and the sculpture is weathered and a sufficient layer of moss has started to grow, I could be convinced that this is an interesting look ;)

- and then I came across this pretty lady in a clients garden, tucked under a massive fern, by the back door, making an otherwise boring back entrance a place where you actually don't mind walking in and out. If done right, this totally works!!!


Image #1 & #2 via Pinterest, Image #3 NHH for the Northern Light Blog


  1. Perfect! Classy garden art in an "I'm not trying" kinda way....I think it works because the statuary isn't crammed full of 1.75 pansies from Freddy's. Understated green keeps it sophisticated!

  2. Stunning!
    Lovely colours!
    Lovely hugs


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