May 7, 2014

Table Top Done Right

Many of you probably are probably just as guilty as I am, when it comes to Instagram…
I think we forget to read sometimes, just get carried away looking at pretty pictures, but when I came across this amazingly beautiful image on The Zoe Report on IG, I just had to go and read the article :)

I would love to sit here for a Mother's Day Tea Party, wouldn't you??? I am totally loving the dark table; Raw, matte and such an amazing backdrop for the Bohemian / English Garden floral arrangements. The Chintz napkins lend whimsy, the earthenware plates and "thrown together" look makes it all look very casual, yet this is one of the most stylish table tops I have seen in a long while!!

This party has a lot more to it! 
Check out all the resources here, and many more pictures from the event!


All images via The Zoe Report, Photography by Yayo Ahumada

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