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September 29, 2013

Sunday Flowers

Well... not just Sunday Flowers today, as I think you all had enough, given the past few posts. 
I just thought these little Turtles were adorable, and wanted to share this image...

Hope it's a great Sunday for you!

Image via

November 1, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Rue magazine has just released their new October / November 2012 issue, 154 pages of goodness. I found that there was a "new look", but that could just be me, a different vibe, a little cooler and with a slight edge. 

Throughly enjoyed the ANKASA Studio Tour, their pillows are on top of my list, always, but out of my league unfortunately! Their embroidery is exquisite, and after watching this short video on their website (scroll to bottom) of a pillow in the making, I want one even more :)

I borrowed the above image from the Rediscovering Home story, as I am currently drawn to the cool grays warmed up with brass, and I have always loved a tall taper! PS. The gray faux shagreen round tray from Made Goods is equally beautiful, in fact I just placed this exact one in a clients home.

Have a wonderful start to November,

Image via rue

September 13, 2012

Chandelier love!

Ok, so it's been slim pickings on the Northern Light Blog this week, and for that I am sorry! 
I have been incredibly busy (that's a good thing), so blogging has had to take a back seat. 
I have had a few moments to catch up on all the new virtual magazines out these past few days, but not had the time to compose a proper post...

I am currently working on an apartment (with the most wonderful view) and after a very long search for the perfect chandelier, I selected this piece from Oly. I just love how simple the drum is, yet so interesting with the Capiz shell circles set in brass...

This afternoon I received an email from Canadian House & Home (LOVE that magazine by the way!!!) & as you may know, they have the whole social media thing down, newsletter, videos etc. Turns out they featured a Main Floor Makeover video, and yes, you guessed it... there was "my" chandelier! Yeah!! Interestingly enough, I am working with a similar muted color pallet. If you would like to view the video, you can check it out on my Pinterest board here.

What is your take on mixing metals in todays interiors? How do you feel about "warm" metals in an otherwise "cool" space? I like to mix it up a bit, though the whole shiny gold thing scares me a little, I am much more comfortable with the softer brass and brushed finishes :)

Busy, busy, busy!!     :)


Images are screen shots from the House & Home feature.

August 3, 2012

Morning Java.

As light and airy as they come...  Enjoy your morning Java (or tea)!

What's on the agenda for the weekend? I will be shopping for clients all day tomorrow, Saturday, hard work, but love to find that special something that will be just the right accessory.
Love stumbling upon new shops and cool looks! Sunday looks like a working day as well, but that's ok, as I have had a little time to myself yesterday :)


Image source unknown

May 6, 2012


Today I had a visit from the House Doctor.... Well, actually it's the other way around!
Anyhow, while taking a leisurely stroll through the new catalogue and blog, I came across the pretty dragonfly necklace above...

Hope your Sunday was fun!!

Image via House Doctor

July 15, 2010

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