May 26, 2010

Fashion, this will be my only post on the new
Sex and The City 2 movie! I promise!!

(Check out that fabulous Moroccan wedding blanket the girls are sitting on! I know where you can pick one up....)

I am going with the girls to watch the premier tomorrow evening, and I am looking forward to a show of outrageous fashion..... however, looks like some of the fashion has been toned down a little, and I really like what I am seeing! Right on trend with the fall fashion here in the states....

I just love this look for Carrie, so cool and sophisticated!
Perhaps she has grown up.... we'll see.

Hope you have fun at the movies this weekend!


Images via InStyle
(if you click on the images, as if to download, you will get the designer names etc....)


  1. Really looking forvard to the movie! I love SATC! Gorgeus pictures!

    Kram Helena!

  2. Hope you have a great weekend.


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