June 2, 2010

House Love

Look what I found!

I finally had some time to read a few of my favorite interior design magazines on-line this evening, and just could not wait to share this beautiful store and home with you!
Love the brown stripe awning, logo etc, very warm and chic!!

Designer and owner Christine Callsen.

Interior shot(s) from the showroom floor.

And now...... a sneak peak inside the home Christine shares with her husband and business partner Thomas Schei.

It is easy to see that Christine has a great eye for proportion, and the color choices are kept very monochromatic, but not at all sterile! Great texture and fantastic light.
How cool is that trunk??

The generous size of the lacquer coffee table, gives enough room to display several stacks of books without looking cramped and cluttered.

The inspiration for the bedroom came from the world of fancy hotels..... want to check in?

What a pretty little, feminine nook.... would love to start my morning ritual here!!

OK, so what do you think? I think this is my new House Love!
I am ready to check in, spend the weekend on the terrace, sleep in a beautiful suite, and shop in one of the chicest interior show rooms around. Want to join me?

I'll be visiting Christine Callsen Interieur on my next trip back home for sure!!!


Image # 1, 2, 3 & 4 CC-Interieur
Image # 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Bo Bedre


  1. What a lovely shop and a gorgeous house! I could move right in as well it is wonderful, I love the understated glamour! Thanks for sharing it Natasha. xx

  2. Okay, that dreamy violet is officially my new favorite colour...
    GREAT post!


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