September 17, 2011

It's the Weekend...

... and I am still on vacation! Yeah!!

Don't really have any plans, Just a weekend with long walks, quiet time, family time and a little computer time. I have been going through a lot of Danish magazines, I have come across a lot of interesting people, products and fall fashion. I am absorbing it all and eventually some will make it to these pages, so stay tuned :) !

What's on your schedule this weekend?

Image found while reading a blog the other day, I didn't write down the name - sorry - but I believe the image was originally from Elle Decor. Any info?


  1. Beautiful dining area! Mixing diverse fabric pattern is just fabulous! Hope you have a nice weekend! Enjoy!

  2. Hello Natasha

    The sun actually shone this Saturday, so we had, what was probably, the last picnic of the season.



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