September 10, 2011

Shopping: Oscar Bad & Livsstil, Denmark

I have just returned from Skagen, a small and charming town at the very northern tip of Denmark. It is known as a mecca for the Who's Who in Denmark during the summer months (equivalent to that of the Hampton's in the US), priding its self on wonderful weather, wide beaches and wonderful, fresh seafood!
(We had one day of sunshine and one day of misty rain...)

Mr. Wonderful and I spotted this pretty little shop, Oscar Bad & Livsstil, and just made it inside before closing... Chatting with the owners sister, who was very accommodating, we were able to browse the shop. I spotted a few super cool items, turns out they were from (new to me) designer Louise Roe.

I picked up this over sized postcard, wanting to know more. I spotted the canvas and leather Book Bag at Oscars, as well as the lumbar pillows with the flowers.

I am thinking I might have to take a closer look, it's looks like a fun bag!!  ;)

Designer Louise Roe got her start in fashion and has since moved on to the Interior Design aspect of designing. Her line includes both fashion and accessories for the home.

As I was leaving Oscar, I quickly ran my fingers across this over-the-top, luxurious floor cushion, made of suede (shown here in lambskin as well)... OMG! I'm totally in love!!

The "Inspiration behind LOUISE ROE designs is often found in nature, as well as in vibrant city life. A combination of the two and their obvious contrasts give the designs tranquility, energy and an edge. This is reflected in the highly organic choice of materials, colours and prints being used. Nature, and the rhythm and renewed life and energy it provides us with, is essential to us humans - it’s genuine and real!"

Check out the Louise Roe website, super cool, I promise!

Image #1 via Oscar, Image #2 - #5 via Louise Roe


  1. So jealous. Would love a little trip to Denmark...I fancy Copenhagen next Easter...good time to go?

  2. Just discovered your blog yesterday and it's become one of my favs already! :D

  3. Skagen sounds like a very charming place, Natasha!
    Have a great week. xo

  4. HI Natasha - jeg elsker Skagen - vi spenderede mange somre deroppe som børn:) Super billeder - husk lige at skrive hvis du nogensinde besøger hovedstaden?? Knus Axx

  5. Hej Anya... har taenkt mig at tage til KBH i næste uge, for one day, og sikkert i den følgende uge as well... jeg giver lyd fra mig!

    Hi Engy ElTonsy... Thank you for your kind words, hope to be of inspiration, thank you for leaving a comment! :)

  6. What a gorgeous store! Louise Roevis indeed very cool :)
    Abbey x

  7. What a beautiful shop & perfect merchandising!


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