September 15, 2011

White, Grey, Black and Natural

Bringing you a beautifully home, photographed by Brigitta W. Drejer.

Capturing the special Scandinavian Light is a job in its self...

The very subtle nuances... An all White home, sprinkled with the palest Grey and beautifully aged furniture...

Bringing in Black to ground the space, Metallic to ad a little sparkle and natural texture to keep it real! Love the touch of the leather boxing gloves, even if it's just styling for the image...

Now, this is a dining room table I would want to spend time at!! Again the White space has been balanced wonderfully by the three Black lamps, the Zinc table top and the natural materials.

... A small but interesting detail from the large cabinet in the living room. Photography, as well as Scandinavian decorating, at its best!!

This post was inspired by my visit today at Basalt Indretning in Copenhagen (you might remember this post, featuring the private home of Anne Fabricius-Bjerre, owner of Basalt).


All images by Brigitta Wolfgang Drejer


  1. I love, love, love this post Natasha!! I adore the Scandinavian design and decor! Have a great weekend =) Xoxoxo

  2. LOVE this house. These are my favourite colours for decorating. Thank-you for the gorgeous inspiration. Leahx

  3. So comfortable. I love light spaces.

  4. I love anything Scandinavian design but this house is at the top of the list!

  5. Beautiful and fresh black and white spaces! It's so airy which I love!


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