March 15, 2012

Coffee table decorating.

Lately I have been looking at coffee tables. I am looking for a new one for my own house, but also for a client. We have yet to decide if it will be an ottoman type or a hard surface table, and that goes for both of us :)

In my research I have come across so many different versions and millions of ways to decorate them. In my own house I like things a little cleaner than this image, but the more I put things together for clients, the more I am leaning towards this look. It's interesting, personal, pretty and it just "feels good", which essentially is what I strive to do for my clients.

I came across this blog post from Canadian House and Home (MY favorite glossy mag, by the way), if you too, need a little inspiration. The image above is probably recognizable (if you are a blogger) as the work of Anna Spiro of ABT.

Have fun thinking about how to make your coffee table interesting.
Is yours "clean", filled with magazines, styled pretty, or???
Please do share :)


Image by ABT via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest.


  1. Mine is pretty simple, a white oak table with glass top. I always have a vase of flowers a couple of piles of books and some kind of candle display on top. Underneath the table I have a woven basket of magazines, it's clean and functional :) xo K

  2. Gorgeous! The setting on ottoman looks absolutely beautiful. All the colours, everything.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I love this blog!


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