March 5, 2012

Cartier Odyssey!



Did you get a glimpse of the long awaited Cartier "short film" / new commercial?
I admit, I was mesmerized... by the "cat", by the story, by the jewelry, by the music - just absolutely beautiful!!

"L'Odyssee de Cartier", directed by Bruno Aveillian, has been two years in the making.
Shot on location in Prague, in Spain & in Paris (at the famed Cartier store on 13 Rue de la Paix), but also with recreations of locations in India, Russia and China...

You must take three and a half minutes of your day - right here, right now - it's that beautiful! Enjoy!
... and remember, diamonds are a girls best friend ;)


P.S. .... here's how it all started!

Images via Cartier


  1. Hey
    Cartier Odyssey!
    I enjoy your blog!, This unique is just a totally nicely structured posting, I do appreciate the writing
    Thank you!

  2. totally the most amazing movie... I received the email this morning... a must see for everyone.
    I have wanted the love bracelet for sometime now... 18 k gold, I'm afraid to ask how much...

  3. Hiii! I just found you on HC! I LOVE overcast
    sundays, perfect time for blog stalking! ha ha
    I'm totally obsessed with Cartier! I have to see this movie!! Hot, pic BTW, of the kitty peeping in the window. You have an awesome blog! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, your beautiful header! Ms.Shari done good!
    I'm the newbie,#228 w/no pic! Nice to meet you!


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