March 21, 2012

Mixing it up.

Is this a yea or a nay? Too much pattern? To many fabrics and colors??
I am totally undecided on this one.... Love the bright blue couch, and the suzani inspired pillows. Cool punch of color with the orange drapes. Gotta love the striped rug!!
BUT does it all work for you? So many styles mixed together... asian inspired coffee tables, chesterfield leather sofa, modern side chair, chaise and I could go on, and on...


Image source unknown, sorry!


  1. Love all the individual elements but i would like to see more cohesion......mmm now you have me thinking! KG

  2. An interesting mix! It all looks pretty cool and harmonious in the pic but does it really work in real - i'm not sure. I love the leather couch!

    Something to think about1

  3. I love mixing old and new, some colors and styles, but not that much I'm afraid. I'm so classic after all...
    I’m giving away a leather and sterling silver jewelry piece this week. Don't miss it, darling!

  4. I like the space. It feels authentic... you know, like the room evolved and didn't get done in a day.


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