May 13, 2012

Amazing Bougainvillea!

Ever since my first visit to southern Europe many years ago, I have had a sweet spot for Bougainvilleas!
How they sweep over buildings and cascade down fences and retaining walls, spilling their beautiful flowers into the road for all to enjoy... Living in Florida I have come to see them often, and in many different colors, ranging from hot pink to coral to white. I have also come to learn that they are thorny and need a lot of pruning to look good :)

The image above is from a very dear clients home, and this beauty frames the garages in a spectacular display of flowers! How wonderful would it be to see this every time you pull up to your house??

Happy Mothers Day to all of you out there,

Image NHH for the Northern Light Blog

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  1. Bougainvilleas are so gorgeous! I could watch the amazing flowers for ever - the colours are so beautiful from deep, rich ones to delicate pastels.


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