May 1, 2012

That moment...

I want to share a cool thing that just happened... You know, THAT moment, when you find exactly what you have been looking for.

I came across this image above, the room is designed by Samantha Pynn Inc, and I just could not get that feather image out of my head....

To make a short story looooong, my feather "obsession" has been cultivated for years. Let me explain... While growing up in Denmark, long walks have always been part of the "routine", and often we would find feathers form all kind of different birds. Ranging from the really long skinny pheasant feathers, to the tiny little fluffy dotted and bright blue ones. My mother would often bring the really decorative ones home, they would become a piece of artwork in a windowsill or on a pin board.

This past September, I helped my mother look for artwork with feathers for a design project. We found a lot of different watercolor versions, but I had to leave before the project was finished, so I am not sure exactly what ended up on the walls...

SO, I do have a point, I promise :)
When I saw this beautiful photograph above the sofa, I just HAD to do some research. A colleague of mine also fell in love, and we just absolutely had to find it. Tonight I did! Via Pinterest (thank you very much for those back links) and here you go.... Photograph by Virginia Macdonald.

We are working on a project where this piece of artwork will be PERFECT, but even if the client nixes it, at least I know where to find it for next time...

Don't you just love when the stars align?


Image #1via Samantha Pynn IncImage #2 Photograph by Virginia Macdonald, via Art Interiors



  1. Oh Natasha! I adore that feather as well. It's just stunning. Did the client go for it? Thanks so much for joining in with the POTMC. J x

    1. Hi Jane,
      Thank you for the invite, it's a really great initiative, I am looking forward to a little quiet time, so I can go through all the other posts!!

      ... yes, the client did like the feather - we chose a blue and black one - just waiting to finalize the furniture with her, before we go for the accessories!

  2. I love feathers too. Someone once told me that if you find a small white feather it is a sign that an angel is watching you. Today as I got out of the car and fished for my front door keys a little fluffy white feather drifted onto my nose. I tried to catch it and it floated up above my head and away. I found myself laughing like a child. Unfortunately my husband grew up with a mother who hated feathers and had a superstition of having them in the house so he would never let us hang a gorgeous photo like you found anywhere in our house! Thanks for sharing.


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