May 27, 2012

Sunday Flowers

Hi there, Happy Sunday! 
This week I picked up these beautiful roses from a street vendor. From time to time, when I have cut flowers in the house, this particular vendor is my go-to guy! ... and take a look, aren't they just gorgeous??

Truth be told, they were long stemmed roses, but I like to cut them down a bit, as I feel that the really long stems are a bit to formal for my house.... also, I wanted to use this creamy white old ironstone pitcher, looks a little country, but I think it's really pretty :)

While they all came from the same bunch, some have opened faster than others. They bring such a smile to my face, hope they brighten your day as well!!

Some of you are enjoying an extended weekend due to various different holidays, here in the States it is Memorial Day Weekend, which means honoring the ones who serve and have served, as well as BBQ's, parades and pick nicks.

What have you been up to? Did you go to the farmers market?
Did you leave town? Hope you feel like sharing :)


I separated five stems, from the two dozen roses, cut them way down & put them on my nightstand. If you want to see, cheek out the Northern Light Blog on FB. While you are there, show me how much you LIKE these images ;) Hint, hint!

All images NHH for the Northern Light Blog 
(if you borrow any of the above images, please link back, thank you!)


  1. These are truly pink beauties!!! Love them in the white pitcher too....they seem to say, "yes we're beautiful, but we're not trying too hard!"

    It's been a hit or miss weekend here on the East Coast. Rain, sun, rain again. But, a lovely time at the beach tonight. The best season is upon us.

    Have a wonderful rest of this holiday weekend!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. Oh yes - I love these and the pink bougainvillea in the post below.I bet the roses smell gorgeous. I buy fresh flowers every week because it adds a splash of colour & brightens up the place.

  3. These flowers are so gorgeous Natasha! I love your choice of vase too. My weekend was a mixture of relaxing and house hunting (which of course is not relaxing!). Have a great week :)

    Abbey x

  4. How wonderful! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx


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