September 18, 2012

Gwyneth, Gwyneth, Gwyneth!

In the last couple of days I have seen Gwyneth Paltrow's beautiful face everywhere... and today the brand new InStyle October 2012 magazine landed in my mailbox, and yes, you guessed it, Gwyneth is on the cover!
I always love seeing her in cool preppy photo shoots, and these two stripe-y versions are super cute, don't you think??

I am a longtime subscriber to the Goop newsletter, and just last week new pics of Gwyneth for J.Crew landed in my in-box, so I am just sharing a few with you, check out the rest here.

Shop the look.

Shop the look.

So, what do you think? Super cool, super pretty, a little bit preppy and totally fantastic!
Gwyneth can cook, write, act, run a business, be a mom and look like she has it totally together...

This girl rocks!

PS. Often we see her all glam'ed up & one of my favorite looks I pinned here.

Image #1 - 3 via Sassisam, Image #4 - 5 via Goop


  1. Gwyneth is getting better has she gets older - I'm getting worse!

  2. She has great style and I agree with Melissah, she simply gets better as she gets older.


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