September 10, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand... Vol. II

Yep, that's right... two in one day, and I even received two fashion mag's in the mail today as well! No wonder it's already late, and I didn't get half the work done this evening, I set out to do. Too much good stuff to dive into! - and as the song goes; No such thing, as too much fun... :)

I do admit to loving fall and all that it encompasses, the darkness, the crisp air, the sweaters... all the things that does not exist in Florida :) which is part of the allure I think! I am rambling, there is a point, I promise.... somewhere... oh, yes! I was expecting a "darker" version of the new Lonny Magazine, but to my surprise the cover is light as air, pretty as all h... and I am totally in love with the Brentwood Home feature Overnight Sensation. Interior Design by Joe Lucas & Patricia Chilcoat of Lucas Studio Inc.

The cover story Paradise Found is just darling! The interiors are light, airy and totally welcoming, a place for kids to run around, a place for grown ups to lounge, a place that is cheerful, pretty and relaxing! 

What was your favorite feature?? 
Did you see the cozy fuchsia mohair throw from Jayson Home? 
A perfect example of coziness for the cool nights of fall... but in a cheerful color!


Images via Lonny September 2012 issue

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