October 4, 2012

Dark Mood!

For no particular reason I am feeling the mood of these dark and moody bedrooms! 
They are the total opposite of my own bedroom, however, I am finding all three to be the coolest thing around town today :)

This last one is - in my eye - the most feminine of all three, perhaps the orchid on the bed side table contributes to that? Actually, by looking closer, all three images have flowers, hmmmm... Must be the powder colored panels hanging from the canopy then.

Would you go this dark? Or do you like a lighter and brighter bedroom?? I think it's a super cool thing to do, but probably would not work as well as intended in a tropical environment.

Always look at the bright side ;)

All images via Pinterest


  1. hi natasha! it's been on my blog list to do a "one dark wall" post. i will be sure to link this when i do! love it. xoxo cindy

  2. I do love these bedrooms. I'd happily curl up in any of those beds. Maybe they feel cozier? And very, very sophisticated.


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