October 27, 2012

Shopping: Brandts Indoor, Denmark

Last September I visited Brandts Indoor, an Interior Design shop in Odense, Denmark. I had read about the shop in a local magazine, and even wrote a small post here on the blog about my impending visit.

I was fortunate to meet Sara, the proprietor, she took time out of her busy day to chat with me, telling me about the shop, about her buying trips and even was kind enough to unfold a few prized Kelims for me, well knowing that they would not fit in my suitcase....

Not only is the shop filled to the brink with interesting ethnic designs and the largest collection of Kelims you have seen, there are books from all corners of the world, beautiful brushes with handles of Jade, Lapis, Cornelian (I think) & horn. I am a sucker for these, and could have bought a few...

Besides the obvious, large and colorful selection of pillows and rugs, beautiful artisan jewelry can be found there. In my latest design project, I have been working with natural tones ranging from Cream to the softest Blue-Grey, warmed up with some natural wood tones, so these images are right in tune with what I have "trained my eye to see" for the past few months.

On a warmer note, color wise, I just had to share these two images, as they showcase such beautiful textiles and color combinations.... not to forget the dog, he even "matches"!

If you would like to visit Brandts Indoor, but a trip to Denmark is not in the cards, you can visit the online shop here. Last year in the early fall Elle Decoration, UK, published a spread on Saras home, you can view that here. As you can see in those images, a typical Scandinavian white painted space beautifully benefits from a little exotic flair and warmth. I am looking forward to my next visit already!!

Ending this post with a pop of color, in the form of a leather string of silver rings with colorful stones. Perhaps a good stocking stuffer.... hint, hint!

Hope you have an amazing weekend :)

Image #3 via 79Ideas, Photo by Birgitta Wolfgang Dreyer, All other images via Brandts Indoor


  1. OHHH This is one of my favorite shops ever - gorgeous stuff Natasha

  2. Ah oui, indeed! Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing this. This is awesome!

  3. Wow, I love the photos. Esp love the matching dog!


  4. What beautiful photos, and what a gorgeous shop. I have Denmark on my list to travel to in the (hopefully) not too distant future. It's lovely to see a little part of it in the virtual world in the meantime. xx (PoTMC)

  5. Oh how I'd love one of those rings in my stocking! GORGEOUS!
    Visiting from PoTMC :-)

  6. Love this look. Off to check out the website because it's a bit far to visit! x

  7. I would love to find one of those rings in my stocking on Christmas morning :)

  8. Just stunning, Natasha. It would have been a sensory overload, I'm guessing. Fabulous. Thanks for linking up with the POTMC. J x


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