October 25, 2012


Sitting in the salon today, waiting to have my hair cut, I got to "read" some of those magazines I normally would not pick up. I was looking to validate the "big bang theory", and this stunning cover caught my eye! I was not familiar with Weddings Unveiled, but I am now happy to report that the magazine is also online, and they even have a stunning blog with lots of beautiful "stuff"!

Allright, so can we agree that the beadwork and cut of this gown is A.MA.ZING!!!?

... and while I am at it... congrats to all you Swedes out there on the engagement of your beautiful Princess Madeline. Looks like a Summer 2013 wedding...


Images #1 - #5 vie weddings unveiled, Image #6 via USMagazine


  1. Lovely!
    Oh and I'm not even Swedish but I love the Royal Family.. <3 xx

  2. Oh how exciting it is to see Royal weddings again! They are so near that we can go there...


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