March 2, 2013

Beach Cruising!

It's no secret that I have not been fond of bikes... Growing up in Denmark, where you bike everywhere and in all kinds of weather, I simply lost my  interest in riding a bike EVER again!! But something has changed... my husband is a tri-athleth and is obsessed crazy about his bike, so it's kinda rubbing off a little. Just a little! For the record, you will not find me out there with the peleton any time soon, just so we are crystal clear :)

The images below are more in tune with what I had in mind!!!!

We live fairly close to the beach, and the highway running along the ocean is the perfect stretch to bike! Also there are a ton of charming small streets with amazing homes and cottages all along the beach stretch, so I figured I would join the Beach Cruiser community and get a single speed cruiser. I want to be able to ride up to the beach - it's close to impossible to park the car anyway - and also be able to bike through all the small and charming streets!

I loved the look of the above Beach Cruiser, so I did a little research and found it! I ordered it from California which might seem a little silly, but I wanted the bike just so! White everything... still didn't order a basket, but I will, and it, too, will be white :)

My husband now thinks that I will be his water-girl when he is training for the running part of the Tri... we shall see :)

Happy Beach Cruising!

I ordered this Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Single Speed White bike. As simple as they come. I ordered it from this shop, and so far the customer service has been outstanding! My Cruiser arrived Saturday afternoon, of cause it's freezing here in Florida this weekend, but I can't wait for a warmer day!!

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  1. Btw, have you been to Sanibel and Captiva islands? It just came to my mind as i visited both island the other day and everyone was riding bicycles there.

  2. what is it about the notion of a beach cruiser? and in white? SO LOVE! ...gets me thinking of spring breaks + summer beach trips. Enjoy! Thanks for the link.

    1. I know... heres to wishing spring will be just around the corner :)


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