March 11, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Well, as it's the 10th of the month, I went searching for a new Lonny and what I found was much more surprising than expected!!!

Did you hear??
Editor in Chief Michelle Adams is leaving Lonny to explore new opportunities!!


Well, I wish Michelle Adams well, and am excited to see what becomes of the Lonny I have come to know and depend on for excellent sourcing and newness, perhaps a new direction? Time will tell :)

While this issue was dubbed the Kids Issue, I enjoyed getting a last glimpse of Ms. Adams new(est) apartment, really LOVE this art wall she has created in the bedroom, familiar art we have seen in the pages of Lonny...

My absolute favorite image in the entire magazine is of this African feathered headdress, a flea market find, now calling Michelle's apartment home. 

As a Scandinavian myself, I must give a nod to the Field of Dreams editorial, straight from Sweden. The summer home of stylist Jennifer Jansch is waaayyyyy more eclectic than my taste, but you gotta love the light and feeling of endless summer!! Oh, and the color of the home remind me of my parents home in the Danish countryside (you can see that house here).

Happy Monday!!

All images via Lonny

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