March 3, 2013

Sunday Reading

A while back, I think it was in the Fall, I saw some images of this book on the web, thinking to myself how beautifully photographed these gardens looked, and to possibly get my hands on the book. No attempt on my part to actually acquire the book was made.... and subsequently I forgot about the book!

While shopping for a client the other day, I stopped by Spruce Home & Garden and there it was... Open to the above page, I immediately recognized the image... the style of the photograph had stayed with me! I picked up the copy that was to be mine, hurried to have it put aside, and continued on the mission at hand; Shopping for a client, not for myself :) One for you, one for me...

Now... I almost want to crawl into this birdbath, just to admire the view from my "tub", but really... How unbelievably beautiful are these blue Hydrangeas??

Foxglove remind me of summer, but to be fair, I am actually not sure this is a summer blooming plant... 

I could not wait to get home to sit in a quiet corner, savoring this book. Stacy Bass has an impeccable eye for composition, drama and for capturing the light, the dew, the fog. This books takes you through some rarely seen private gardens in the North East. The stories of the evolution of the gardens, the people who planted and cared for the gardens... just beautiful!! For all the gardeners out there - or those who long for a garden - this book is amazing!!! I read it in one long sitting, cover to cover.

If you are looking for eye candy for your coffee table, this is definitely worth your while :) 
How wonderful would it bee to come home to a white picket fence, complete with  Musk roses spilling over in abundance? Sign me up!! 

Happy Sunday Reading,

All images Stacy Bass

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