March 9, 2013

Scandinavian House Love!

It is no secret that I am a sucker for natural light and an overall white home with black accents and lot's of texture... this villa in Odense, Denmark, ticks all those boxes for me!! 

Above, a peek into the large office space with the super cool artwork by Sanne Hjermind. The desk is custom made and as you can see below, there are compartments below the glass, like a giant shadowbox...

What was once several smaller rooms, have been opened up and the wonderful Scandinavian day light streams through the windows, bathing the interiors in light! Accent colors are kept muted and there is lots of texture to keep it interesting.

I bet that fireplace was not always black... but how great does this look?? Love the antiqued mirror above, makes the black less harsh. 

In the kitchen it is easy to see the owners love for furniture classics!  

... and if you can't find the exact piece of furniture you are looking for, have it custom made to measure, just as this console table :) 

I think this little wall just might be my favorite spot in the house... Loving the entire vignette; the black & white photographs from Bali, the wooden chinese box, the Buddha, the clay pottery, it all makes this space feel interesting and "lived in"!

Have a fun weekend!

All images via Femina


  1. Så vackert! Danskarna är så duktiga på att inreda med känsla. En skön helg till dig! Kram Anita

  2. Hi! I just discovered your inspirational blog! This here is a really lovely find, so my taste! I think that the pale wooden floors look so good especially together the natural textured rugs used in this home.


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