April 20, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air!

There is a blog from Down Under called Oliveaux, that I have been following for years now. Posts are sporadic at most, but still right in line with what I like, so I hang around! 
Oliveaux is an Interior Design firm in Brisbane, complete with a shop, if you neeeeedd instant gratification :)

The other day I was alerted to the fact that new images of a completed design project was up on the website, and I just had to see more, as the teaser images were bright and fresh...

Well accessorized and styled vignettes gets me every time, but in this image what caught my eye is the white painted, heavily carved coffee table, looks balinese... and really, can you ever go wrong with Blue & White?

I am forever looking for stylish closet doors, and these hit the mark!! Great use of space, love the mirrored doors, makes the space bigger, more glam, and no one should EVER leave the house without looking in a full length mirror... I'm just saying...

I have, in my own home, some really, really bad bifold closet doors that I can't wait to change out, these might be a contender.

I suggest you head on over to the gallery at Oliveaux and check out more great design work.
Hope you have a fun weekend!!


All images via the Oliveaux website.

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