April 18, 2013

Dutch Door Green

It's funny how one thing leads to another sometimes...

Currently I am knee deep in a "once-over" updating scenario at a clients home, and the project has started to evolve, beyond the original scope, which I am very happy with, and the client is excited to do, so that's a win-win situation! We are at the stage where you start to look around, suddenly things that looked ok before, needs updating now...

So, that leads me to todays post. I did not intend to show you Dutch Doors, you know, the "half-cut-off-in-the-middle-kind", that look so chic when hung on vacation homes or cottages...

BUT, I was chatting with my Paint Contractor this morning, and flirting with the idea of painting the Front Doors of my clients home a pow-color, we discussed taking the white exterior up a notch. Somehow I also got involved with the Landscaper, love that progression (!), and while we are replanting the entrance, it became clear that the front door needed a little help :)

SO... back to the Paint Contractor... I was thinking a fresh, bright green, like the one in the first image, he suggested "Dutch Door Green", which I have come to find out, is a deep, dark, beautiful green. I did not have that color in my fan deck, so a little research revealed the actual color, but also all these pretty actual Dutch Doors... and so this post was born.

I am fully aware that the above Yellow door is in fact not a Dutch Door, but I wanted to include it anyway, since it's just so cheerful :)

I live in a small community where we have regulations as to our facade, painting my Front Door a cheerful Yellow , Coral or Green is out of the question, unfortunately.

We have not yet decided on the clients FD color, I will let you know what we select, perhaps even post a before and after photo, stay tuned.

Have a cheerful day,

All images via Google image search

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