April 1, 2013

No Joke!

So.... since it's April 1st, I could come up with some really elaborate story to tell you exactly why I have not been blogging, but in all honesty (for real!) I have been totally uninspired... started a few posts, but realized they were just an "attempt" at posting, so I didn't. I have been really busy with my design clients, and it has taken all my energy and time - that's a good thing! - so my creative juices have been completely monopolized by clients :)

Today I have had a chance to catch up, before I start again tomorrow.... Had a chance to look through the new Adore Home Magazine, and found some interesting interiors - a little over-the-top for my "world" - but fun to read about!

For all you lovers of Black & White Interiors, check out Megan Hess' Melbourne Home...

Here's to hoping for a more consistent blogging schedule in April :)

Thank's for hanging in there with me!!

Images via Adore home


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