December 9, 2013

Hide & Seek

Inspiration hits at any time… Sometimes you look and you look, but nothing catches your eye, and then other times… it's right there in front of you, when you least expect it! My point is this… I was at the furniture upholster shop last week, for a client, and I walked in to a table stacked high with green-ish / teal-y colored buffalo hides. What in the world would you do with that color hide I asked, don't exactly remember the answer… sorry… but ever since I have been looking at skins and fur, not with anything particular in mind, but one never knows what might arise!

Sooooo, naturally I was instantly smitten by the Pop Up Shop by Yvonne Kone in Copenhagen and all her beautiful leather goods! I follow along from a far - via her blog & website - as I am in Florida, but she's on my short list for when I go back home to visit next!!!

THIS Shopping Bag is what I have my eye on!
Comes in a few different hides and colors, but I am drawn to this non-color, very neutral. 

Chic, right??

While I was hunting down the Shopping Bag on her website, I came across these Key Holders. Either color would work for me, but if I could ask for one, it would be the Glitter Sky (Silver) or the Snake Silver (last on the right).

I am finding, that now I am dealing with the added pressure of remembering my keys, the stroller, the diaper bag, my phone… and, omg where did I put the keys?? First outing with baby Lilly I actually walked out of the house with my handbag, but without her diaper bag…! Yep, that's right, rookie mistake!! :) Now I am wiser, BUT… the day will come when I leave the keys where they are not to be found again! 


All images via Yvonne Kone

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  1. Oh, gorgeous items! Have to go and check the website.


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