December 7, 2013

Northern Light Design Work, Sneak Peek!

Yesterday was fun!!
I worked with a dear friend of mine, who happens to also be a photographer, as we photographed a Design Job I finished this past summer in North Miami Beach.

In the galley kitchen, I selected tumbled platinum hard ware with a ribbed texture, Calacata Oro Marble counters with a slight olive streak (for a top view, check out this image on the NLD Pinterest board) and long brick Thassos backsplash, set in a very light grey grout. 
Super pretty!!

Prior to the shoot, I picked up fresh flowers and other accessories. So much fun to be at the grocery store, selecting flowers for color and springing for those beautiful peonies, you normally would leave… I went for pops of color, as well as my trusted white hydrangeas! The design project itself is very calming and "non-color", it's all about the view!

… This image I took with my phone, as we were preparing to shoot the dining room properly. I just LOVE this Oly chandelier, not only does it look great straight on, but the shadows it casts on the ceiling are almost equally amazing!!

This is the other side of the dining room, also a cell phone shot. The art is my favorite here…
Not only are the colors muted, but the lacquered texture is amazing! Looks like water has been splashed on the painting itself, very cool :)

Stay tuned for more images on this project, I will share them with you soon!

Images #1, #3 & #4 NHH for Northern Light Design, Image #2 by CHB Photography

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  1. By accident the original post was deleted… this is one of the comments left:

    Oi Natasha, lindo projeto, parabéns. Gostei muito da paleta de cores. Muito suaves, passando uma sensação de aconchego e muito conforto. E nada como flores lindas e frescas para dar um toque final. Vou esperar pelas próximas imagens... Beijo querida e um lindo final de semana para você e a pequena Lilly, Denise - on Northern Light Design Work, Sneak Peek.


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