December 1, 2013

December 1st!!

Wishing everyone a very happy 1st Advent. 

The count down to Christmas has begun, but for me, it' always been about the entire month of December! Enjoying the atmosphere, the flickering of candle light, the smell of fresh pine and the aroma of good food cooking. 

Soooo looking forward to making our home a bit more festive; first ornaments are already on display, burning a holiday candle at all times of the day - the house smells great - and today I will be hanging the Christmas lights on our tiny picket fence. Can't wait to light them this evening, it is going to be so pretty!!


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  1. Olá Natasha, e dezembro chegou, não é mesmo? e com ele muitas expectativas, muita energia positiva e muito amor emanado pelo ar. Que bom! Mas deveríamos tentar manter essa mesma energia duranta o ano todo, pena que seja tão difícil.

    Beijo querida e outro em sua pequena Lilly...
    Denise -


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