August 13, 2010


take a peek

It's been a while since I have done a fashion post, so what better timing than during Copenhagen Fashion Week, going on right now!
Funny how things work out sometimes... I had planned to be in attendance for a couple of days with a friend, but it was not to be....        so, I can only look from afar!

I am well aware, that what is being presented now is Spring/Summer 2011, but since we are slowly creeping closer to Fall 2010, I figured I would share a few Fall images.

Fur vests are everywhere this fall, only it will probably be too warm in South Florida to wear... I am sure some will try to get away with it anyhow, for the sake of Fashion :) !!

Strong shoulder, beautiful gray fabric!

Really like the layers, the texture and shine going on here!

And for all you fashion junkies with high tech phones; be the first to get the Copenhagen Fashion Week mobile Phone Application here.

Stay stylish, my friends!


All Images via Copenhagen Fashion Week.
Image #1 Benedikte Utzon, Image #2 Margit Brandt, Image #3 By Malene Birger

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