August 25, 2010

Last Beach House of the season....

This wonderful little beach house belong to the creative director of West Elm, Alex Bates.

Peeking thru the open cabinet door are pale blue ice cream bowls, providing a hint of color (they are from Martha Stewart, but like ones can be found at Anthropology).


Love how the painted blue floors are dark enough to ground the room! Mixing new and old, and making it look flawless.... old farmhouse table with peeling paint, new West Elm chairs and a plate rack full of inherited plates.... notice the tiny blue pattern in the oyster plates, pretty!

In a guest room, Alex slip covered two headboards that were hers as a child. Very simple and just so pretty!! Wouldn't you just love to be a guest here??

In the main bedroom, West Elm is responsible for the headboard and the crisp sheets! Alex used texture to warm up the space a little; draping a vintage tablecloth over the wooden headboard. Also, notice how the painting and the greenery, is playing of off the book covers on the nightstand. Love the pretty, milk glass, shade on the table lamp!

The tiny washroom is kept in all white. Where is the shower, you ask? Well that's outside!! Welcome to summer house living :).

Group photos are hung as the only, but very effect full, decoration. Try looking for these types of photos at your local antiques store, or at flea markets, I have seen them around. This is such an inexpensive and super clever way to decorate a small, tight space, using very little money!!

This Fire Island, New York, summer house has just what you need... Lots of white paint, a fireplace for the occasional chilly evening, comfy chairs, in white slipcovers (SO easy to wash, and bleach if need be) an old sofa, also slip covered, with lots of comfy pillows! Notice how, in all the rooms, the ceiling has been painted high gloss white, so to reflect light! This is a great little trick, when you do not have a very tall ceiling, it creates the illusion of more space, and more air!

To extend the cottages small living space, the porch has been enclosed, floors painted a soft gray, and a wrap around bench installed. Having the bench build in, creates not only storage but also the illusion of more space. Notice how the cedar shingles have been carried around the space, above the windows, on the inside.... decorations are kept to a minimum, and very natural! Antlers on the woven sea grass coffee table, fresh flowers, and a small bowl of shells on the side table. The three turtle sheilds on the wall, have all come from antique stores.

.... Four days left before my late summer vacation!


All images by William Waldron, via Country Living

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  1. Love the last three pics. That bathroom is gorgeous with all those B&W pics.


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