August 19, 2010

Ford... Brad Ford

A few days ago I received my September Canadian House & Home Magazine, and dove right in. I so look forward to view their features, and find this magazine has filled the void, left behind, after other magazines have folded... If you have not already, you should check them out!

Cathrine Mackintosh (of CH&H) has written a little interview with Interior Designer Brad Ford. I was not familiar with Brad before this article. After doing a little research, I am, as it turns out, familiar with his work. Undoubtedly some of you may have seen his work, but for the rest of us, here are a few gems!

While bathed in beautiful natural light this space reads very warm and organic!

Brad Ford has been featured in a diverse selection of shelter magazines, ranging from Traditional Home to Country Living to New York Times, and the newbie of them all Lonny Magazine.

Those of you who read this blog, would probably have guessed correctly, if I had asked you to identify which interior images I like the best....... yep, you guessed it; saving the best for last!!

This piece of artwork leaning against the wall, how FAN.TAS.TIC is that? Does anyone out there know who the artist is??

If you would like to know more about Brad Ford, I encourage you to go to his website; Brad Ford ID. You can view his entire portfolio there as well. Furthermore, Brad is the author of the Design Theraphy blog.

Last but not least, BF was interviewed on William Sonoma's Designer Marketplace feature, where he discusses the importance and relevance of social media, including blogging. Something we can all agree on, as contributors and consumers of all things design - blog - worthy!

Thank you for staying with me on this one! :)


Image #1 WS Home, All other images courtesy Brad Ford Interior Design

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  1. Big Brad Ford fan...this was such a great post about really covered it!


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