August 18, 2010

Impossible task!

Sitting here, wanting to write a new post, and all of a sudden I am drawing a blank....
Has that happened to you? I have an on going list of subjects I want to write about; new ones are added, sometimes daily, other times not for days..... and then it hits me... how in the world do I top the image below? The colors are so vibrant and beautiful!! (scroll down)

Reading blogs from all over the world, gets the inspirational juices flowing, and I simply write a word or feeling down, then I return to my list from time to time and adjust as I go...... Do you keep a list?     I try for the most part to stay true to the season, but sometimes I find that difficult.

Please share how you keep track of your posts? Do you spend a lot of time on research? Or do you not take blogging that serious? Is blogging supposed to be serious or fun? Or both? Are there any rules?


Image via Table Tonic


  1. Sometimes i research and take ages and other times it's a quick 'ping' idea. Sometimes i plan in advance. I try to take inspiration from daily life.

    On another note the turquoise and yellow together look great. Who needs words with that!?

  2. ...thank you Tracey, for your answer!
    I was thinking I was alone with this problem / subject, so before your comment - currently the only one - I was beginning to worry ;)

    And you'r right; turq and yellow really pop! I totally love the mood of the flowers as well.


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