June 16, 2011


... little hands in the Cookie Jar!

I just found Graham & Green, via Tracy, and I just love the color of this Portobello Cabinet!
... and really, you can't go wrong with the white Tolix chair either!!

Cute, no?

The cabinet also comes in a pink and girly version, and looks great on the wall! I see a million ways to style this cabinet, depending on it's placement; kitchen, bath, living room perhaps even on a covered porch.

Which is your favorite version?? I am definitely liking the Sea Green!
... By the way; either cabinet would make a beautiful addition to the house in the post below, don't you think? Not that it's not great the way it is.... I'm just saying... :)


Images via Graham & Green

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  1. I LOVE the sea green :) Thanks for visiting my blog!! Really glad you found me so I can see what a LOVELY and beautiful thing you have here. Just became your newest stalker.


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