June 10, 2011

I spy...

Lately my eyes have been drawn to these huge, over sized sea grass baskets. They seem to be popping up everywhere, storing everything from magazines and books to blankets. They provide a wonderful element of texture in an otherwise formal room, as above.

Here, filled with logs, it provides stylish storage for firewood, in a master bedroom. The texture and color of the woven sea grass, keeps the eye traveling to the other few warm colors and textures (mirror, woven leather bench, frame of the painting) in the otherwise cool color pallet.

In this foyer, wonderful throws are displayed. I like the cool colors mixed with the braided sea grass.

If I have now convinced you that you need one of these baskets, this is a selection of very well priced options, that are ready to ship asap.

... and then there is this little guy. A little darker, a little more rigid in its lines, but still a wonderful way to introduce texture. This basket would do well next to an entrance, perhaps to store all that extra mail you want to throw out right away, and that you are planning to dump in the recycling bin.... :)

LOVE the green, distressed chest as well!


Image #1 via Daily Crush, Image #2 via Elle DECOR, Image #3 ?, Image #4 Pottery Barn, Image #5 via tumblr.


  1. I love the look of a woven basket too! They had some nice one's at Homesense (HomeGoods) and I am now looking for a place in my home for them...

  2. i love those, probably have to get one! would be a great place to store dog toys.


  3. I love those baskets and the green chest and painting in the last picture - fabo. Hope you are well Natasha and have a great weekend.
    A xox


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