June 4, 2011

Kitchen Confindetial

I totally adore this kitchen!

The subway tiles in their soothing colors are fantastic and obviously set the tone for the rest of the design, selections of finishes etc. I can only guess that they are handmade, hence the different shades in the glaze.

This weekend I am actually working with two clients, selecting counter top materials for their kitchens. One will be Absolute Black Granite - and nothing like this - we are just selecting sink, faucets and hardware.

The other client.... I'm not sure yet, perhaps a marble, time will tell.
Sometimes it's hard to commit to a counter :)

Both kitchens are much smaller than this, no room for an island in either, but that's all right.

What kind of counter surface do you have in your kitchen?? Do you have an island? Does the island have the same material on top as your other counters?  I have a very small kitchen, no room for an island. My counters are black granite, very shiny and totally cool!! LOVE them!
... even if their are kitty paw prints on them constantly :)


Images via tumblr.
(Sorry, I failed to write down the designers name! If you know, please let me know and I will give credit where credit is due!)


  1. I love this kitchen too. my counters are black granite too, but sometimes, when I see these all white kitchens I think I would have chosen white marble... we're never satisfied, are we? hope you're having a lovely weekend! xo

  2. Love the seaglass tones to this kitchen and I also love the open shelving displaying the beautiful ceramics and bottles.



  3. What a beautiful kitchen. The colour combination is just amazing! I have an oak topped kitchen island with a big slab of marble on top which I use for baking and food prep. I love the marble, but one needs to be a bit careful with it. Red wine spills need to be cleaned instantly otherwise they stain. Anything acidic, like lemon juice, makes it lose its sheen. As beautiful as it is, I would never choose it for my whole kitchen - it would make life too stressful. X Sharon

  4. Hello there!
    Love pictures!
    I have a grande kitchen island. We have black laminated counter tops all over. Totally wanted to have the real deal but granite did not match our budget at all. The laminated ones are working just fine though and looks good too.

  5. these pictures are simply exquisite!
    thanks for sharing and greetings from Spain,


  6. What a stunning kitchen. The color of the tiles is spectacular.

  7. Yes, I too have a weakness for a good purpouse built kitchen. The first one is perfect. Loving everything about it, including the light.

    x Charlotta


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