June 20, 2011

Summers In France

Wouldn't you like to spend the summer in France? Well, I would, but that's not in the cards this year.... I ordered this book, it arrived just in time for the weekend, how lucky!! It was such fun to read, I didn't put it down, finishing it in one day; Day dreaming and laughing my way through it! Some of that British, dry sarcastic humor show through, making for delightful reading :)!!!!

Author, Interior and Textile Designer Kathryn M. Ireland invites you come visit her retreat, La Castellane, in South West France, off the beaten path. The Million Dollar Decorator shares her passion for the french countryside, and takes us along for the ride.

Not only is the book filled with wonderful images of her summers there, spent with family and children + what seem like a steady stream of friends and their children... Apparently there have been so many visitors, Kathryn has written down a few house rules, compiled a wonderful list of House guest Do's and Don'ts, even tips on what to bring if you are lucky enough to be invited!

I absolutely feel that I can abide by these rules, and yes, I'll bring wine!! (hint, hint)

While none of these two (above and below) images are from that book, I felt a need to include them, as they so perfectly reflect the easy and comfortable style of Kathryn M. Ireland.

In the homes she decorate, it's all about texture, warmth and lived in spaces, no museum-like homes...

... ahhhh, the Blue Room at La Castellane. A wonderful mix of toile and gingham, of beds made from bamboo cane and fresh lavender on the bedside table... Mosquito netting ads a little extra summerhouse feel, especially when sleeping with the doors and windows wide open during the summer!

Now, there's a fun DIY project for the summerhouse; What a great way to spruce up a standard net!!!!

The Owl Room... An old hayloft, quite a large space, functioning as both an office, a guestroom and "get-away-room" ... Lovely! Red is typically not my color, but I really love the cozyness of this space! Great conversation area.

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics...  This book is chock full of wonderful fabrics; all colors and patterns! It's no wonder KMI is requesting "No fabric items..." from her house guests. Who would bring fabric (unless it's vintage) to a textile designers house as a gift, anyhow? I'm just asking...?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; finding it beautifully photographed, written with wit and very interesting as a tale of a restoration of an old vineyard! (Remind me a little of this book) I am sure Kathryn's friends and family + neighbors are happy she took on this project!! Such a wonderful place to gather for the summer and collect memories!

I was inspired to look up Kathryn's website to view more of her wonderful fabric collection, you can too, here. I also signed up for her newsletter, didn't get one yet, but did received a welcoming email with a discount code (!) for my first purchase!!
How wonderful is that! :)

I hope you enjoy the book!
Happy summer reading,


All images via Google search for Kathryn M. Ireland Interiors


  1. Beautiful colours. The turquoise is very French to me.

  2. That book looks fabulous Natasha and beautiful summery pictures sounds perfect for warming up a cold grey winters day. xx

  3. How beautiful! I love all the great bright colors. Yes, I would love to visit France as well, but I guess watching it on t.v. or reading a book w/ LOTS of pictures will have to do for now :) PS - YES! I am opening an online shop very soon and all the items will be handpicked by muah :) Can't wait!

  4. What beautiful posts, love every image xxx


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