March 8, 2012

... are you done brushing?

Well, I just thought I would ask!

I spotted this image and immediately thought of the many Chinese brushed I have.
Perhaps I should gather them and display them like this...
While I think this trend is kinda over, I still like them! To me they are interesting and bring texture and beauty to a coffee table. Looking at my small collection, I am reminded of my trip to China; my husband carried a few (... too many :), if you ask him) around, so we could bring some authentic brushes home to family and friends.

I have brushes from China, from Denmark and some that I have picked up in interior shops here and there in the US, overall they are all unique and interesting. Do you own any of these? Are yours all the same color or material?

Which is your favorite??

Interior design by Melanie Turner, image via Cococozy


  1. I like the texture of the brushes, Natasha.
    Hope your wknd is wonderful! xo

  2. I've never even heard of this trend...where have I been.
    Maybe I just brushed it aside ;o)
    I like anything that brings texture to a space......
    Can we see pics of your collection? Pretty please?
    Have a great weekend!
    Tania Maree xx

  3. this is a great pic - i thought the brushes had kind of been 'done' but this is such an awesome way to display, I really like it! x


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