July 5, 2012

Too Pretty...

... too pretty not to re-blog!!
This home was first discovered here, and subsequently here & here and I am still drooling!!

This house is in Sweden, just outside Stockholm and just 150 m2 with three rooms, designed by architect Karl-Johan Palmstam. Huge windows throughout allow for the beautiful daylight to stream in, and with the typical Scandinavian white interior this summer home is now a favorite of mine... Too bad it has already sold ;)

Loving the white, with all the punches of black, and tons of natural texture. 
Logs for the fireplace (trust me, it can get chilly at night!), wool throw to curl up with, lots of plants, iron and wood.

The property also has a small 23 m2 "green house", that has been set up for relaxing and entertaining!
I can just imagine sitting around that wonderful farmhouse table with lots of friends and family, under the stars... during the summer it really does not get that dark, typically the sun sets at 11pm and rises super early, depending on how far north in Scandinavia you are located.

Great outside space, lots of places to relax and enjoy being outdoors. Summers are mostly spent outside - weather permitting - and doors and windows are always open!

Hope you enjoyed this little house tour. There are many more images from this house, so check out the last link above for the full scope! Here is the floor plan. Do you have a favorite part of this home? Besides the fact that I LOVE the whole house, I think my favorite parts are the tall wood cabinet in the kitchen & all the natural light! Also... the repeat of the glass cloches throughout the home, glass and wire alike.


In case you were wondering... It is very typical in Scandinavia to have black painted summerhouses with white interiors... Just not all of them are this fantastic :) 

All images via Sotheby's International Realty


  1. Delightful place - I love the whole look of it :)
    Happy weekend Natasha

  2. Thanks for sharing it! I hadn't seen it before. Amazing! Swedish, of course...


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