July 6, 2012

Cool fact of the day...

OK, so perhaps I am totally overdoing this, and that is a risk I am willing to take BUT the cool fact of the day (well, yesterday actually) was, that I discovered that non other than "the people" over at Tine K Home are now following the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest!!! Yep, that's right!

For those of you unfamiliar with Tine K Home, she is a young Danish female entrepreneur, who has made it BIG in Home Decor & Accessories. I have featured her fabulous home here on the blog, and her wears often pop up in homes across Scandinavia. It's almost fair to say Tine K Home has a cult like following, she can do no wrong & her eye for detail is impeccable!!

SO, when I spotted her logo in the Activity line on my Pinterest last night, I was a little starstruck.
To be able to possibly inspire someone (anyone on her team, actually) at TKH Headquarters is quite flattering, I think! ... and yes, I am aware that I can "fall out of grace" with a single keystroke, or that a simple "unfollow" will burst my bubble, so for now I will just BE HAPPY :)

Come on over here to see what all the fuss is about, follow along if you like.

Images by Anna-Malin on Pinterest via Blackballoon


  1. congrats Natasha! this space is absolutely gorgeous. hope you have a fabulous weekend, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry


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