May 10, 2013


How often do you open your fridge?? Think about it... Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually see what you have?? I came across this image on a blog the other day (didn't write down the source, Sorry!), and I started laughing to my self. Not only had the person written something like "", which in it self is funny, but I had just had a conversation a few days prior with my visiting father, about the obscene amount of containers we had in our fridge at the time....

While I have had my "new" refrigerator for a few years now, I LOVE the French Doors and bottom freezer, works so well for us! The fridge is high gloss white & super cool, but the inside leaves something to be desired!! BUT now that this image is on my radar, I will have to make more of an effort for sure :)

While I do already own the One Dozen Egg Crates above, and one of the Farmers Market Baskets as well, I am thinking I could use a few more. They come in a few different sizes and colors, so whatever color you like, go for it!! White is always fresh and clean, and looks good with any kind of food in it... those grapes look yummy!

I have one of these aqua containers filled with black licorice... And now that I have had a visit from home, it's filled to the brim! :) If you look closely at the images on the Anthropology website, you will notice that the containers are imprinted with the texture of the original cardboard, and then glazed.

I was unable to locate the top egg crate for you on the site, but this is their new Half Dozen Egg Crate... Like the coral color a lot!!

Let the organizing begin, and remember that you will eat more of the healthy stuff if it's in front of you, and presented like this there is just no excuse!!

Could you imagine if you had a glass front fridge?
""  :)


Image #1 ?, Image #2 - #4 via Anthropology

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