May 25, 2013

(Scandinavain) Summer House Love!

Hi! I am still here, in case you were wondering, and want to share a typical Scandinavian Summer House with you this holiday weekend... Enjoy!

This summer home is located on the Northern tip of Jutland, Denmark, in a small town called Skagen. My husband and I visited two summers back, and would have loved to spend more time there...

While the typical old homes in Skagen are all painted the same yellow, with red tile roofs and white trim (trademark look), it's also very much about all white interiors and exteriors... Even the outdoor furniture is white, and it looks so great don't you think?? Skagen in the summer months is all about outdoor living.

Nothing like white walls, white woodwork and white floors, I just LOVE the look!! 

Come a little closer, and you will find lots of texture, but simple furnishings.  

Driftwood found on the wide beaches, rope and open doors all scream Summer House... Wishing I was there :)

A view from the living room to the dining and kitchen area. White Tolix chairs are one of my favorites!

All white kitchen with wonderful grey brickwork, to add a little texture and dimension to the space. Notice the place mats of river stones, helping to underscore the natural elements, and a beautiful touch to the warm wood table. 

It really does not get anymore Danish than this... 
Out door living at its best; sun, summer, flowers, Mega Mussel, Skagen and beach rocks on the table!

Happy Summer!!

All images via Mad og Bolig


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