May 11, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Did you catch the new Lonny Magazine yet?
It's hot off the press, went live yesterday, and this morning I spent a little time reading through it...

More than anything I was mesmerized by Le Banane, a nine-bungalow hotel on St. Barth's. You can read all about the hotel here via Lonny Magazine, or go directly to the source. 

Happy, Sun Filled Weekend to all!

All images via Lonny


  1. Underbart! Byter gärna ut det mot vårt regntrista dag. Fortsatt skön helg! Kram Anita

  2. I'm off to check out Lonny! I love that hotel - I so need a holiday there!


  3. So gorgeous! I'm definitely ready for a pool-side getaway. Plus I so love the cover image. Must read. Thanks for keeping me in the know. Happy (almost) weekend!


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