March 10, 2011

Home is where the heart is! (Give-away)

... well, loosely translated anyway...

This fantastic book is what is up for grabs!!

I purchased two while on vacation in the fall, and had BOTH signed by the author, Anne Fabricius-Bjerre, anticipating to present this book to the winner of my first ever give-away!
SO, lucky you, for having the chance to win a signed copy!!!

As it turns out, I could live in her little store, everything is SOOOO pretty. The style is very Scandinavain / Danish mixed with French goodies, all antiques and lust worthy.

A peak inside Anne's own home, show her wonderful taste, mixing old with new, a completely personal mix!

Heigh ceilings and great natural light, a comfy spot to relax, a classic Arne Jacobsen Swan chair, calm colors and with an eye for art, Anne lives in a beautifully edited home!

If you have the room, why not? Love the high gloss black grand piano in the all white space, modern art on the wall and designer lamp, all the while she mixes in the "family silver". Looking for a large punch bowl like that? Try the flea markets! ... And good luck polishing it :)

Notice how the built in book case is left "short" so not to ruin the view of the beautiful stucco ceilings! An antique chandelier lends a little period detail to the space, and mixes wonderfully with the modern art....

Isn't it true... people always end up in the kitchen. Here there is absolutely no reason to leave the kitchen, sit down and stay for a while, very welcoming, no? I really like the mix of the modern with the antique, the light but comfy chairs, stripe cushions and tons of white paint!

Simple, pretty, no-fuss.... wouldn't you like to have your home designed by this wonderful lady?? Well, if that's a little out of reach, check out this video clip (in danish) from her store, where she is giving a tour. You will be longing for more, I PROMISE!!!

And now - drum roll, please - if you would like to be considered for the SIGNED BOOK, these are the very simple rules;

1. Sign on as a Northern Light Blog follower. (1 chance)
2. "Like" Northern Light Blog on FB. (1 chance)
3. Help me spread the word (link) on your blog! (1 chance)

AND don't forget to let me a know, so I can pick a winner!
I am so excited for one of you to win!! The winner will be selected on Saturday March 19.

What are you waiting for??? Ready, on your marks, GO!


Images via Billedbladet & Fyens


  1. i'm ur newest follower! - ummm AWESOME giveaway!!! - COUNT ME IN!


    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. I don't have a blog, but I love reading yours!! Great pictures, and ideas for decorating. I saw the video of Anne FB's store, looks great. I am born in DK and love all things Danish!!

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  4. I'm in!

    3 chanses for me.
    I am aready a follower, now likning on facebook and have spread the word by linking on my blog :)

    Best of luck to meeeee!

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  6. I`m already a follower!;)
    I linked up your giveaway on my blog!;)
    I would love to win this book!!!

    Good luck to all of you and to mee too:)

    Lovely greetings...

  7. what are great giveaway....I had to post about it. Thanks for letting me know Natasha.

  8. Hi Natasha, Oh I would love to see how Ms. F.B lives. I am off course following you as I love what you do, and will post this on my FB today.
    Good luck to everybody (but mostly me :)
    Happy friday

  9. Hi Natasha A gorgeous giveaway. I'm now following you. J x

  10. I now 'like' you on FB. J x

  11. And your giveaway is on my sidebar. J x

  12. Thank you so much to all of you for embracing this wonderful giveaway, I hope you all win ;-)!!.......

    So far so good!

  13. Gorgeous living area! Love the divine couch! Enjoy the weekend, Kellie xx

  14. Lovely looking book! Already a follower, and already like you on FB! Lots of love and enormous thanks for all your wonderful comments. Really enjoy them. xLou

  15. Just my thing Natasha! Thanks for the tip off! Put me down for all three! xx

  16. hey you, and thanks for posting to me! :)
    off course I know of this wonderful shop.. I've bought many things there.. havn't done any posts of it on my blog yet since I wan't to keep it for myself as long as possible.. ;)
    have a good one


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