October 20, 2011

Black with a touch of Pink

I am kinda liking this patten leather skirt! Love the style of the skirt, the "not too strappy" heels and the touch of pink to soften up all the black... 

... and how about an interior interpretation of that outfit? How did I do??
I think those glossy, faceted black subway tiles are totally cool.... however, you might be cleaning forever, as every single little drop of water would show, and that would drive me crazy!

Perhaps in a powder room? Too much?
What do you think?


Image #1 via Mood board, Image #2 via Mixr                                                                                                        


  1. This is gorgeous. Love it in fashion & in the home.

  2. Gorgeous looks. I love that bathroom but you're right, would be a lot of cleaning! How you have a lovely weekend :)

    Abbey x

  3. I don't know about the cleaning.. yr probably right!!!!.. But I sooo love the colour combo.. It's my all time fave & I'm incorporating it into my ensuite! x

  4. I LOVE those glossy black tiles, but I know what you mean about keeping them clean. I think I'd still go for it!

  5. love the top image, devine! x

  6. i think that pink and black are a classic pairing that always works in fashion and in decor. Have a terrific week, Natasha!


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