October 12, 2011

{Fall} House Love

Last year I featured this Summer House in a Winter Holiday post, complete with a thick blanket of snow and a Christmas Tree. This time around I will share different images, more appropriate to fall!
(OK, so I know enough about flowers and blooming bushes to know that the above image was taken in the spring - as the rhododendron blooms in the springtime - BUT the colors in the interior of this house (below) lends itself well to fall, don't you think?) 

Warm and cozy colors mingle with candlelight and a beautiful book! I purchased this book (Rajasthan) and it's completely worth a long afternoon, curled up with a blanket!!!

Weather use for sleeping or simply for a cozy and relaxing spot, this nook is soooo inviting!
Imagine cool weather, the stack of glossy magazines, nowhere to be, and lot and lots of tea lights!! I am in LOVE with the skinny picture ledge, filled with all these different, muted colors of glass and candles... surely they look magical in the evening!!

The warmth of the wood in the kitchen is echoed throughout in other textures such as the pillows in the background... Notice the matte black paint on the walls, the door and the huge light fixture. Lots of glossy surfaces as well throughout this house, helps to bounce the light around! This might be a log cabin painted black, but it is not a black hole, or a cave, but a light filled Scandinavian Summerhouse, dressed for fall with lots of texture and wonderful fabrics!

Look at that amazing piece of artwork on the wall!! Entirely made up from butterflies... and I love how the over sized urns are perfect in scale!

Peaceful exteriors as well! ;)
It is very common in Scandinavia to paint woodwork black, and I really like how it plays off of the naturally weathered decking...

Wonderful terrace to enjoy the last days of summer, and with the outdoor fireplace, why not stay outside just a little longer? I am happy to see this house clad in fall colors, hope you enjoyed it as well!!


All images via Bonytt, Norge


  1. What a gorgeous house Natasha! Love the grey colour of the exterior :)

    Abbey x

  2. Hi Abbey, tx for your comment! Actually, this house has been painted Black, it's a traditional paint color for homes in Scandinavia. It must be the way the light hits the logs that makes it appear to be grey... :)

  3. I love the inky exterior with the white trim & that big deck out the back.


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