October 30, 2011

Into the deep...

I could not help but be drawn in, when I saw this image for the first time!! This garden has been designed by Fernando Wong, an award winning Landscape Designer from Florida.

As much as I love flowers for their beauty and vibrant colors, I also appreciate a well planned garden with lots of foliage. Living in Florida I see many gardens, but not a lot of flowers... I have come to appreciate all the variations of greenery; Foliage in many shades of green, ranging from almost yellow, to white, to blue-ish to Kelly green... you name it!
It takes a real professional to make it look this good though, and a small army to keep it up :)

Do you have a garden? A green thumb? A terrace with potted plants? I have a very small front terrace with a beautiful and fast growing palm, and a back terrace with a few orchids in "hibernation". (from time to time I am lucky to see them re-bloom :) )

We planted a night blooming Jasmin in the back, and it is so fragrant and beautiful!!

Image via Fernando Wong


  1. Hello Natasha

    This sort of view inspires calm: it is my kind of garden. I do love flowering plants too but my favourites are in hues of rose, pink, lavender and blue. However, summer here has long past and now I am glad to have evergreens to brighten an autumn tossed garden.


  2. What a gorgeous image Natasha! We have a small garden with lots of plants and really love a bit of gardening. So rewarding when things start flowering nicely :)

    Abbey x


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