October 15, 2011

S'more, please!

Look... a new way to work the pretty Glassy Baby votive's!
I don't know if was yesterdays sweet tooth or just the yummy colors of the S'mores that made me look for these images... I guess it's less calories for me to look at the images, rather than indulge in the real stuff!   :) 

Are s'mores part of your holiday entertaining menu?
Don't they look amazing? I love dark chocolate and graham crackers, and the marshmallows are just the glue that binds this treat together!! :) Would be a good idea for  Halloween, if you are entertaining...

Hope you have a wonderfully sweet weekend!


All images via Pinterest


  1. These look great! I can't say a s'more is something I've ever eaten here in Oz though ;)

    Abbey x

  2. I will try them, too.
    A great idea.
    Lovely hugs


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