October 6, 2011

A Dash of Mocha

Welcome to my home... I wish!!*
Does this look welcoming or what? Follow me, and we will explore together, this is a Swedish home bathed in light and grounded by wonderful accents.

To me, this qualifies as White Done Right!! These light filled white rooms where the light just bathes the interior, have been grounded beautifully with a Dash of Mocha.

Looking a little closer at this home, a lot of texture is revealed. The Moroccan wedding blanket on the big chair, the different cushions, the kilim on the floor, the woven baskets, the little Asian lantern in the windowsill... Great mix!

A view through french doors reveal yet another white space just beyond...

Close-up of an eclectic collection of items; nothing "goes" together, yet it all works in creating a personal story!

So simple and beautiful!
Not only a Dash of Mocha, but also a Pinch of Mint....

What do you think? Does all the white scare you?? I like the dark brown accents, and I also really like the mint green country cabinet in the last image, reminds me of one I saw at a friends house, purchased in The Hampton's... She uses hers as a bar and storage for glassware.


Images via Skona Hem

* For the record; This is NOT my home.


  1. I so love this space....love the white and the contrasting colors! Xoxoxo

  2. I love it, too, and when I was scrolling down I was wondering, is it all about the white floors..But then I came to the last one, and figured it works there too. Good for me, since all our floors are brown, simply because of the kids..
    Have a nice weekend, Natascha!

  3. Love all that white! White floor not scary at all. Love the mint and the morrocan blanket and love swedish houses. Nice post Natacha. I see your tryp inspired you.

  4. Natasha, it looks amazing! Very Scandinavian :)

  5. Very beautiful, serene, stylish and bright - but I need a bit of colour. It does look amazing though, particularly with all that dark furniture. I guess when it's dark most of the day during winter it's a good thing to have everything light and white.

  6. oh yes, that looks nice! The white doesn't scare me but with a family of five I don't think I could pull it off ;-)


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